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Our Translation process is client-oriented and tailored to their needs. We translate legal, technical and literary documents. Also, websites, corporate, corporate-sensitive and personal material.

Our process is streamlined in 3 steps:

» Before translation: We identify referential documents, specific terminology, general glossaries and client-specific glossaries. We assign the translator/translators to do the job, based on their experience in the required field.

» Translation, proofreading, editing: The work team wraps up the translation soon enough as to allow time for proofreading and editing, as applicable.

» Closing: We update corporate glossaries and include client’s feedback.

We also do proofreading/revision, video subtitling, audio/video transcriptions (Word or PDF).




Our Interpretation service consists of the oral translation of a message into another language.
There are different Interpretation techniques based on client needs, namely.

KUDO certified interpreters.

We work on Remote Simultaneous Interpretation platforms, meeting our client’s needs.

»Simultaneous interpretation

Recommended for events with a large number of attendees. A team of two interpreters per language translates the message as the speaker delivers his speech. Attendees receive the translation in their desired language on their headphones. It is specifically indicated for congresses, seminars, conferences, etc.

» Consecutive interpretation

the speech is reproduced by paragraphs or when the speaker finishes his dissertation, without booths or receivers. Notes are taken as the speaker speaks and then the speech is reproduced in another language and orally (this mode is used in small meetings with few participants). Ideal for speeches, business meetings, press conferences, video conferences, telephone communications, seminars, training courses.

» Whispering interpretation

nos ubicamos cerca de la pequeña audiencia perteneciente a la lengua de llegada mientras susurramos la interpretación simultánea del tema que se está tratando. Para llevar a cabo esta modalidad de interpretación no se necesita un equipo especial. Whispered interpretation is used in situations where most of a group of people speak the source language.

»Liaison interpreting

transmitimos lo que se dice en una conversación entre dos o más personas de uno a otro. Aparte de la toma de notas (que no se practica siempre) no se requiere la utilización de un equipo especial. Liaison interpreters act as escorts for individuals and intervene in small discussion groups. Se la recomienda para reuniones y actos reducidos en los cuales un máximo de dos o tres personas necesitan interpretación, visitas comerciales, de fábrica, turísticas, técnicas, entrevistas, etc.


Specific courses for professionals and companies, for example, Business English or Legal English.

Talks, workshops and seminars for schools and universities with language-focused themes.

Coaching for job interviews, preparation of presentations or dissertations.

Immersion courses.

Note-taking and consecutive interpreting workshops.

Innovative English immersion workshop for children from 5 years old onwards, using a proven model of playful teaching.



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