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Ontological Coachingis a technique that works on specific goals to help people and companies revise, develop and optimize the way the see and interpret the world. It is aimed at narrowing the gap between today’s and tomorrow’s reality , based on the idea that if we change our perspective and internal dialogue, we will ultimately change and create that new desired reality we wish to find.
Ontological Coach: Helen Acosta - Coach 2 Focus.

Counseling refers to an intra and interpersonal aiding process used to solve a conflict or modify a given behavior. The Counselor invites an individual or a group of people to gradually change behavior patterns in order to live at ease through personal growth and development.
Counselor - Dolores Bazterrica.

Consulting is a discipline that proposes a communicational and business approach, cornerstoned in the entrepreneur’s identity. This identity is the main driver towards differentiation, identification and development of any business, product or service.  Entrepreneurs are guided and tutored during the execution of the business plan, where any possible deviation is promptly detected and analyzed from the applicable coaching/consulting perspective.
Consultant: Diego Bresler - DB Consultoria


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